Spring has sprung

Got a call on Friday saying that the 2013 Ben Shan is in, so I bought some! You guys, I am spending too much on tea. In the shop, I tasted an A Li Shan and a Li Shan, which were excellent. I also met a man who sings in the Beijing Opera, I think! My Chinese is hell of rusty and his English was nonexistent, so what I gathered may not be entirely accurate. 

Anyway, here it is, and here I am blogging while I taste it. I go for these teas over the Li Shans, etc., because it is grown at a lower altitude in Taiwan and consequently has a milky, smooth taste that is preferable to the floral, lighter flavors. What I actually like are dark, charcoal roasted teas, and so I generally avoid mountain teas entirely, but the flavor we describe as “milky” is one I particularly like and will pay for. 

I usually throw in just a little bit of tea, but whatever, tonight I am throwing in a bunch. Let’s stuff this gaiwan. I’m also going to hit it with some boiling water that I cool once in the cha hai. I get nervous with a new tea, especially a lighter flavor, and too-hot water. I’ve also busted out the aroma cups. Generally they are pretty, but sort of a pain in the ass unless I am particularly interested in the tea’s aroma, but even then I feel like I get more out of stuffing my face into the gaiwan just after brewing the leaves. 

This tea is not so smooth as what I have had before, but maybe in a few steeps. It is super delicate though. I might drink it for summer, or offer it to a friend disgusted by my own choices (Philistines). These teas always come off as sweet to me, but I can’t imagine why, I mean, chemically, that would be. 

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One Response to Spring has sprung

  1. psychanaut says:

    As long as you are not paying too much per ounce, you can’t spend too much on tea, as it won’t go bad if properly stored, just means you have more of a stash you will eventually drink, and possibly change for the better over time 🙂
    I recommend also investing in an yixing pot, it will improve the taste of your oolongs and puers (but use a different one for each).

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