I think Pinterest is making me stupid.

Or maybe I was always stupid and was just being steered away from low tide by generous and concerned instructors and compatriots this whole time. But I will say that I didn’t start to feel dumb and full of writer’s block all the time until I got onto to Pinterest. Ironically, I started my Pinterest account in the hope that I could gather the images and inspiration required to build a tea den, although the ethos of Pinterest is the antithesis of tea culture. I you’re interested in how that’s going you can see the board here. Pinterest is the ultimate gathering tool. Some people call it curation, but one major component of curation is that you  don’t forget about the things curate immediately after grabbing them. That seems kind of important, somehow. We can talk about what curation means in the next blog post. Pinterest actually seems to have more in common with productivity software, where you put something in and then you forget about it until you pull up your planner or your Pinterest board and there it is, all the stuff you need to do today/with the rest of your life. The idea is that you dump things and look at them later for commonalities to emerge, and bam, there’s your tea den. It is no-effort interior design.

This is not how tea works. A life with tea is a lifetime of pure curation, especially if you are buying Puerh cakes. With Pinterest, your returns are truly immediate, though the longer you pin, the more useful your boards can become. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t just buy any tea or teaware that I happen to like and then see how it fits with my setup. Maybe if I had more storage (and money), okay, but for now I evaluate things before they come into the collection. This is probably why I have very few teas and other things. You don’t buy tea to look at it! You buy tea to drink it! You savor it with your friends and loved ones and you remember it years later because no tea is ever the same, even from year to year. No brew is the same from brew to brew. And when it is gone, it is truly gone and unrestorable, and so we do not treat tea lightly here.

And this  is probably why Pinterest doesn’t allow for that. Every image is replicable, and, more importantly, nothing on Pinterest is real. Oh, it may be real to the schmuck in the picture (seriously, where do you find people this good-looking and happy for stock photos), but by the time it gets to you, it has mutated hundreds of times. The people or the things in the pictures have become totally abstract notions–blank spaces where you fill in your own life. It is one hundred percent aspiration, which is to say that, much like a certain red-spotted planet, it is mostly hot gas. Somehow this hot gas only matters because it belongs to you. This is not curation. This is not even digestion. This is Slimfast for your brain.

think you are thinking more about Pinterest than Pinterest is thinking about you. 

This is almost definitely true. Have a good day.

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