How the teapot turned out

In case you were wondering what happened to this piece of work (holy hyperlinks Batman!), I used it this morning after soaking it in tea for a solid 24 hours.

It’s all right! Some serious construction flaws vis a vis the lid, which is off center and asymmetrical. Am I bugging? Not for ten dollars. It is real and it smells good. I give it full marks, and I attribute the terrible tea I made today to questionable water. I would describe the flavor as fuzzy? Not exactly what you want to start off on.

Water can be bad, that is to say, it can be bad for tea. I was actually going to blog about water quality after making this horrible pot. But this blog actually delivers a pretty lengthy discussion about the nature of water and tea, and says basically everything I wanted to. I am not special! Then, an argument in the blog’s comments about whether it is better to brew your tea at 84 degrees Celsius or 86. Good work, team!

I also bought a new tea a few weeks ago, which I have yet to identify beyond it being a Taiwanese oolong grown at a slightly lower altitude than benshan cha, according to the shop owner, who completely knows her stuff and who I intend to visit again, but who assumed that I also completely know my stuff and so didn’t bother to explain much about it to me.




Look at those leaves, you guys. Look! At! Them! This is a call for both an identification and admiration. Let something someone else put on the Internet make your day, for once.

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