The Yixing Conundrum

I bought a new yixing teapot over the weekend. My last and first yixing teapot died in an accident literally two weeks after I bought it, and I was moving and a little upset (I really liked that teapot!) and I couldn’t be arsed to get a new one. But this weekend I finally stomped into the tea shop on 3rd and Union and bought one of their cheap yixings. I picked a cheap one because I don’t know if I trust the quality of the teapots being sold there yet, although I am a big fan of the gaiwan I purchased from them.

I made a very big deal out my first yixing teapot because, let’s face it, it’s a long-term investment if you’re serious about tea. There’s a reason that seasoning a teapot with a tea for it is called “marrying” the two. I waited a long time to find a tea that I was okay with drinking for the rest of my life, and then I waited even longer to find a teapot that I could stand to look at for the rest of my life, in addition to passing down to my children and grandchildren. First I accidentally bought a fake one in the Chinatown in Portland, OR. Then I finally found one only to have my sister knock it off my microwave two weeks after I seasoned it.

I’m being a little more pragmatic this time. They call these first few “tuition pots,” and now I know why. So I bought this cheap one, and it might turn out to be more wart than wedding material, but it’s all about learning how to distinguish between the two.

It’s going to hold that mysterious brew Wuyi Shuixian, or that’s my plan anyway. I’m waiting for the water to boil right now, then I’m going to begin the seasoning process. There’s still plenty of opportunities for this teapot to prove itself a sham, but I’m going to give it the very best chances.

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