It was a nice night

Outside last night so I took my stuff outside, as I am interested in doing. The flowers came from someone who attended a graduation party thrown for me by my mother. There was a spider in them which met an untimely demise when he decided to partake in the magnolia scented oolong I was drinking, and dropped himself into the hot water. Maybe he survived. Luckily I noticed him immediately and flung him into the yard. I love nature and animals and that, but there are limits.

My favorite memories of my childhood are summertime memories. I say favorite because they are the only ones I can remember clearly enough to nostalgize, but really what I am remembering is the recognition of beauty like a punch in the gut, in the veins of tree leaves and the fillipy bird tweets. I remember these things because even today my marvelment repeats itself, undiluted by time. It is a simple, good thing.

I have the good fortune of not being a cynic about the world, although I have little regard for the people. It allows me to take the tea ceremony very, very seriously, while still being willing to experiment (because what do I know).

On a more grounded note, scented teas! Some people can only drink teas that are unscented, others can’t handle the floral scents, like my mother, who thinks they taste like perfume. I go with both extremes, the light sweet floral teas in the morning and the knock out puerhs the same day.

I can’t say I have a refined palate, no.


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